Royal Borough’s anti-Heathrow spending laid bare

From a Freedom of Information Request, Back Heathrow can reveal the previous Conservative-led Windsor and Maidenhead council spent a whopping £43,531.93 on anti-Heathrow expansion campaigning from April 2020.

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Local Residents Need Heathrow Jobs

Ealing Southall MP - Virendra Sharma, local councillors, trade unionists and over 100 local residents joined together to call for the creation of thousands more jobs through sustainable growth at Heathrow Airport at a meeting in Southall last Friday.

Virendra Sharma MP said: “It was a pleasure to see so many local people, I know the importance of Heathrow as a local employer. So I will continue to work with trade unions and others to press for more unionised jobs and sustainable growth at the airport.”

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Heathrow Academy helping hundreds of local people find jobs

The Heathrow Employment and Skills Academy is playing a key role in helping local people find work at the airport. Over 800 people received employment offers through the Academy in 2022.

Campaign group Back Heathrow paid a visit to one of the Academy’s ‘Essential Skills’ workshops last week, to hear about the opportunities available and how local people can build a career at the airport.

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Back Heathrow expresses concern about local economy after CAA Ruling

Back Heathrow, the campaign group that represents over 100,000 residents that live close to the airport, has expressed concerns about today’s CAA decision on how much Heathrow can charge airlines.

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Back Heathrow welcomes assurances on jobs and pay, but rues CAA ruling


Back Heathrow campaign response to Civil Aviation Authority price cap proposal

Back Heathrow, the campaign group that represents over 100,000 residents that live close to the airport, has welcomed the airport’s assurances on jobs and pay to staff, but expressed concern that the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) price cap proposals would be welcomed by rival hub airports on the continent.

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GMB Trade Union in Heathrow talks on London Living Wage

Discussions have taken place between Heathrow Airport and GMB trade union about the potential wider rollout of the London Living Wage. It was announced earlier this year that Heathrow would pay the London Living Wage (LLW) to all directly employed staff. 

L-R Parmjit Dhanda, Paula Stannett (Heathrow's Executive HR Director), John Holland-Kaye, Gary Smith, Mark Betteridge (GMB Head of Campaigns & Communication)


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Campaign group hails Elizabeth Line opening as ‘great news for Londoners and for Heathrow.’

Local campaign group Back Heathrow has welcomed the opening of the keenly awaited Elizabeth line this morning. The group, which has over 100,000 supporters, says the opening of the new line is ‘great news for Londoners and for Heathrow.’ Transport for London (TfL) suggests the new line will increase rail capacity in London by 10%.

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Political parties need to ‘think aviation’ in May elections, says Back Heathrow

With the May local council elections looming, Back Heathrow, the local voice for over 100,000 residents who support the aviation industry in west London, is urging political parties to put forward council candidates with experience of aviation and its supply chain.

Parmjit Dhanda, executive director of Back Heathrow said: “London’s jobs and economy depends on its airports to survive, particularly Heathrow. But over the last two years the government has failed to understand the impact that a lack of business rate rebate and a byzantine Covid testing system has had on the economy.

“The capital can only benefit from having councillors who have worked in the aviation industry and fully understand its importance to London’s economy. We want all parties to ‘think aviation’ when putting forward their candidates for the May elections.”

Back Heathrow believes the elections are a chance for parties to respond to a world changed by the impact of Covid on London boroughs now facing economic hardship. For example, during the crisis Hounslow had over 30,000 residents on furlough and Hayes & Harlington in Hillingdon had a 200% increase in unemployment.

Mr Dhanda added: “The economic hardships faced by so many Londoners are largely due to the downturn in aviation. There are political solutions to this, but the long-awaited rescue plan for aviation never seemed to happen. Perhaps local councils can help change that in May.”


Unions and campaigners welcome London Living Wage announcement for Heathrow

Back Heathrow, trade unions and local communities have welcomed Heathrow Airport’s plans to ensure the London Living Wage (LLW) is paid to all directly employed suppliers. The announcement comes as part of a package of measures in its revamped sustainability strategy which include new targets to cut carbon, improve air quality and reduce noise - as well as the reintroduction of subsidised public transport.

Trevlyn McLeod

Trevlyn McLeod, GMB union London region organiser said: “I have personally represented staff who haven’t received the London Living Wage in the past, so I am delighted for our members who will now get it. But there is still work to be done to get workers at Heathrow who are outside of the direct supply chain on to LLW too. GMB looks forward to working with the airport and other employers to ensure the next phase becomes a reality.”

Parmjit Dhanda, executive director of the Back Heathrow campaign said: “This is an important statement from the airport. Working people in west London are facing the biggest cost-of-living crisis for thirty years, so this will help. Heathrow jobs are crucial to our local communities, so we are pleased to see this announcement, as well as the reintroduction of subsidised public transport. 

“The wider package of measures on carbon, noise and air quality are also an important step forward for communities living close to the airport.”

Peter Kavanagh, Unite London & Eastern regional secretary said: “The extension of the London Living Wage at Heathrow airport is a significant and welcome milestone in Unite’s fight to eliminate poverty pay and exploitative practices by some employers at the airport. It is also vital that Heathrow agrees to an acceptable timetable for the extension of the LLW to all Tier 2 employers who do business on the airport.”

The airport’s direct supply chain of employers will introduce the LLW from April 2022. It is a measure that trade unions and local community group Back Heathrow have championed for years. Apcoca and Mitie are the largest suppliers affected by the decision. Around 1,300 employees will benefit. The London Living Wage is currently £11.05 per hour.

The next phase of the shift to the LLW will involve work with the airport’s indirect suppliers to encourage them to move to the new standard. Progress will be harder to achieve because the airport doesn’t have the ability to mandate LLW in the way it can with direct suppliers.

The airport has simplified its existing sustainability strategy into two pillars of work: targets around zero aviation and those that commit the airport to being a good neighbour and employer. You can read its new objectives here.


Local people need Western Rail link, says Back Heathrow

Local people want to see an end to delays to the Western Rail link to Heathrow say Back Heathrow, the community campaign that supports job creation for residents close to the airport.

Planning permission for the project – that links Wales and South-West England to Heathrow airport has been delayed by a year, after many years of delays. The scheme was not even mentioned in the government’s own recent connectivity review of rail.

Back Heathrow Executive Director, Parmjit Dhanda said: “This project boosts rail connectivity, cuts carbon and helps create jobs from Wales to west London. This could be one of the biggest ‘levelling up’ projects for working communities in the south of our country. The government needs to crack on and do it.”

Back Heathrow fully supports the Thames Valley and other Chambers of Commerce; many regional economic and transport forums; the Wales Assembly, and local councils that all say they are bitterly disappointed by delays to this much-needed project.

Western Rail to Heathrow link says the project will:

  • bring improvements in connectivity to 14m people across regions
  • support regional economies in the South West, south Wales, South Central and Midlands
  • will help deliver UK climate change targets and mitigate the impact of Heathrow
  • be a vital stimulus to the recovery of the UK aviation industry
  • help the recovery of international trade and inbound tourism.

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