Support for expansion

Heathrow expansion has enormous support from residents, local businesses, trade unions, university vice-chancellors, community groups and MPs from all of the main political parties.


The Community trade union is proud to join other unions in supporting Heathrow expansion, especially because of the high-quality jobs and apprenticeships that will come from building a new runway. 

Heathrow expansion will bring huge benefits to west London, the Thames Valley and the whole of the UK which is why my trade union, Community is backing it and so are most other unions.

The tens of thousands of members of Community, who I am proud to represent, understand that a new runway at the UK’s largest port will bring tens of thousands of high-quality jobs, high-skilled apprenticeships and wider opportunities.

The benefits of expansion will also be felt beyond the immediate local area with new global trade routes especially important for the whole of the UK to be able to compete post-Brexit. Heathrow is the UK’s only hub airport, making it vital that new domestic routes are established to connect our regional airports across the UK with the rest of the world.

Heathrow expansion enjoys huge support, not just from Community, but also from residents, local businesses and the majority of British trade unions. Our members are amongst the 76,000 who already work at Heathrow, playing a vital role in the success of the airport and they want to see it become bigger and better in the future.

Roy Rickhuss, General Secretary 


West London Chamber of Commerce

Heathrow is a hub airport that connects people and trade to destinations around the world. If Heathrow doesn’t expand to meet the demand then airlines will take their trade to European Hub airports like Paris, Frankfurt, or Amsterdam. They will grow and Heathrow Airport, plus the vast number of people employed in and around Heathrow, will shrink. Thus we will be exporting British jobs.

Heathrow was chosen by an independent commission as the best airport in the southeast to expand for the maximum benefit to the UK. Our airport directly employs over 70,000 people and its supply chain has tens of thousands more local jobs. It’s time the government and the airport got together and supercharged the building of a new runway. As we’ve been saying ever since the Davis Commission gave the green light to Heathrow back in 2016 ‘Let’s get on and build it!’

Alan Rides
Chief Executive Officer,
West London Chamber of Commerce 



We have huge support for a new runway from all major political parties - both locally and across the country - now we need the Government to finally set a date for a vote in the House of Commons.


Jim Shannon MP

In October 2023, Back Heathrow had the pleasure of visiting Strangford MP Jim Shannon, to hear why he is such a proud supporter of expansion at Heathrow



Trade unions understand how important Heathrow expansion is for creating new local jobs and apprenticeships which is why Sam Gurney, TUC regional secretary, is backing our campaign:

From new jobs to more apprenticeships, trade unionists understand the huge benefits that will come from expanding Heathrow Airport.

The TUC has joined local residents, businesses and community groups in calling for the Government to back this hugely important national infrastructure project. Building a new runway is crucial for securing the high-quality unionised jobs that TUC members want and the country needs. More than 76,000 people already work at Heathrow and expansion has the potential to double this. 

The Government has said it will hold a vote on Heathrow expansion in the first half of next year. We must hold it to this commitment, and the best way to do that is to demonstrate support for expansion locally. 

Heathrow is currently holding its own consultation on the plans. We would urge everyone who wants to guarantee the airport’s future to make their voice heard.

Sam Gurney,
Regional Secretary,
TUC London, East and South-East