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Who are We?


Back Heathrow started life in 2013 as a grassroots organisation to promote expansion at Heathrow Airport, following the Davies Commission in 2011, which explored the options for additional runway capacity in South East England. 

Since the onset of the pandemic, we have campaigned to protect jobs at the airport, in aviation and across the wider travel industry. As well as supporting Heathrow’s recovery, we have continued campaigning to make aviation more sustainable, so future generations can continue to benefit from air travel.

We have 100,000 supporters – bringing together residents, businesses and community groups across west London and the Thames Valley, who have already signed up to our campaign for a secure future at Heathrow Airport and to defend its 100,000 jobs.

For a better, greener and stronger Heathrow, join our campaign today.

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Why Back Heathrow?




The reduction of air travel resulting from the pandemic demonstrated aviation's importance to airport communities. Boroughs such as Hounslow and Thames Valley towns like Slough, for example were  with the highest rates of furlough over 2020/21. When the airport suffers, local communities suffer too.

We want the best deal for Heathrow and the aviation industry and want Heathrow to keep its status as Europe’s premier airport in the post-COVID world.

A hub airport


Prior to the pandemic, Heathrow was operating at 98% capacity, being responsible for 78% of the UK’s long haul flights.

 As the UK’s only hub airport, Heathrow connects many short-haul routes across Europe and the UK with transatlantic and Indo-Pacific routes. Point-to-point airports (like Gatwick) cannot provide the number of connections that Heathrow can. Without continued investment at Heathrow, the airport and the country, will lose out on crucial domestic and international links - limiting trade, tourism and growth.

Heathrow in the pandemic


Heathrow has demonstrated its strategic importance for the country during the pandemic, despite the reduction in passenger numbers.

Despite operating with only one runway, Heathrow experienced a 409% rise in ‘cargo only’ flights, carrying essential medical equipment and supplies for frontline teams battling against the pandemic.

This shows – as the Centre for Economics and Business Research reported – that Heathrow is Britain’s most important port by value.

What you can do


Heathrow needs more capacity and better protection for the thousands of jobs the airport supports. To help our efforts, join our campaign today.

 As a supporter you can:

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest Heathrow related news and the recovery in the wider aviation and travel sector
  • Participate in our online events with industry stakeholders
  • Join our community events in the west London and Thames Valley area – COVID restrictions permitting.


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