Back Heathrow 'Thank you' event at the Indian Gymkhana Club


A group of Back Heathrow supporters enjoying the event    

Parmjit Dhanda speaking to two supporters

Parmjit Dhanda and two Spelthorne councillors    

Parmjit Dhanda and Ryan Barnett speaking to a supporter


Southall Gurdwara visit and sign-up day


Back Heathrow's Campaign Manager taking new sign-ups   

Parmjit speaking at the Gurdwara

Group photo at the Southall Gurdwara  

Parmjit speaking with supporters   

New supporters signing up to the campaign  


Previous Back Heathrow Director, Rob Gray, and supporters hand-in a box of forms urging the government to push for a third runway 


Group hand-in at Downing Street


Back Heathrow Summer Rally party at Kempton Park 


Two supporters holding signs  

Group of supporters at the Rally

A supporter speaking at the rally  

Back Heathrow's young supporters holding signs