The Future of Aviation

How will aviation change and adapt over the coming years?

Heathrow must play its part in tackling climate change if it wants to expand and as part of this has announced its plan for airport future growth to be carbon neutral. Heathrow says its objectives for neutral carbon growth are based around:

Carbon neutral growth at Heathrow

To achieve these goals Heathrow must meet the wider objectives of the government to control and reduce emissions and to meet their international obligations.

Future travel and transport strategies should be a part of wider urban, road and infrastructure development. This will reduce traffic and enhance air quality, reduce congestion and noise.

Heathrow is ready to play its part and Back Heathrow is ready to back the airport to make the right decisions.

ComRes have been working with NATS to understand public perceptions of modernising UK airspace, and have come up with five changes they foresee happening in the future.

Heathrow will be introducing new scanners that detect liquids in hand luggage - without the need to remove them before going through security! These should be rolled out by 2022.

Virgin hyperloop predict five things that will shape the future of aviation and airport experience, including biometrics and how airports can adapt to an ever growing population in limited space. 

Imperial College London has been working on a Green Aviation project, that is exploring ways of reducing emissions, noise, weight of aircraft and improving efficiency of aircraft and flight paths. Find more information here.