Supporters ask Ruth Cadbury MP to vote yes on Heathrow tonight

First published 25/06/18


Back Heathrow and supporters of the Heathrow expansion today handed over 500 letters to Ruth Cadbury MP's office asking her to vote yes when Parliament debates the third runway decision this evening.

Back Heathrow is a community campaign with 100,000 registered supporters which has been rallying communities to back a third runway and the thousands of jobs and economic benefits it will bring.

Back Heathrow supporter Fritz Pandalitschka handing in over 500 letters to Ruth Cadbury's office today.

Supporter Fritz Pandalitschka says: "I know Ruth Cadbury is staunchly opposed to a new runway. But I wanted to be here today as a representative of thousands of members of the silent majority of Brentford and Isleworth residents who support the project. I hope Ruth will respect us and the democratic views of Parliament after the vote."

Heathrow expansion will generate 77,000 local jobs and 5,000 new local apprenticeships. The project is backed by both the CBI and the TUC.