Residents want better Heathrow rail links

Residents are demanding more investment for new rail links to Heathrow - following the good news that six million people travelled through the airport last month.

Fiona Sadek from Richmond, who was one of many who travelled through Heathrow in January said: “Despite the growth in passengers, the Heathrow team got me through check-in and security quickly and effortlessly. The biggest pain is getting home. If only the Heathrow Southern Rail link was built - one short spur of track is all it needs, and I can be home in less than half an hour on a fast, non-polluting train.”

Nick Biskinis, who regularly flies to see his family in Greece said: “The speed air travel has bounced back since the Covid years is astounding. Whilst the Piccadilly and Elizabeth Lines are great for the airport, we need more access from the south and we need it now – not after a third runway is built.”

Parmjit Dhanda, Executive Director of Back Heathrow said, “It just goes to show how much we depend on aviation – only a few years since the end of COVID restrictions and Heathrow is buzzing with passengers once again. Passengers are right to want stronger links to Heathrow. We need our political parties to put these priorities on their wish-list in the year ahead.”

Back Heathrow represents 100,000 residents living close to Heathrow Airport.