But what about the noise and the Environment?


Our position at Back Heathrow is simple; we support expansion, but not at any cost. Heathrow is committed to meet tough air-quality and environmental targets, including reaching net-zero by 2050, and we believe the airport can meet them by:

  • Championing the use of sustainable aviation fuel (jet fuel made from plants and feedstock instead of kerosene) in aircraft. These green fuels are ready to use in flights today and can cut carbon emissions by 80% over the lifecycle of the fuel and improve local air quality
  • Increasing landing charges on older aircraft to encourage cleaner and quieter planes to serve Heathrow
  • Monitoring the deployment of landing gear to reduce noise, finding the best angles of descent to avoid disruption at night and extend the night time flight-free period to four and a half hours (between midnight and 4.30am) from 2025
  • Offering a 100% compensation scheme to 20,000 households to insulate their homes from the noise of passing aircraft
  • Improving rail links to the airport from places like Slough and Reading to reduce traffic pollution from the thousands of passengers and staff that travel to Heathrow
  • Introduce zero-emission hydrogen and electric aircraft in the longer-term - aerospace manufacturers Rolls-Royce and Airbus aim to introduce hydrogen powered aircraft by 2035, with water as the only by-product.

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