Hillingdon Council Make U-Turn and Admit to Spending £621,310 on Legal Challenge

In Response to Back Heathrow’s formal complaint to the Information Commissioner, Hillingdon Council have admitted to:

  • Spending £621,310.97 of taxpayer’s money campaigning against Heathrow expansion since August 2016
  • Funding campaign group SHE (Stop Heathrow Expansion) to the tune of £100,800
  • Giving the No 3 rd Runway Group £174,000 of tax-payers money

This information was only made public by Hillingdon Council after Back Heathrow published a press release yesterday making public the fact that Hillingdon had been reported to the Information Commissioner for refusing to answer Freedom of Information Requests dating back to 27th July 2018.

Hillingdon provided the information within 4 hours of the Back Heathrow press release going out.

Executive Director of Back Heathrow Parmjit Dhanda said: “I warned Hillingdon Council some weeks ago that they wouldn’t get away with hiding the truth about expenditure of scarce tax-payers money, but they acted is if they were above the law.

“But now the truth is out. Despite the fact the vast majority of MPs voted for a new runway and the fact that polling shows most residents want a new runway, the Council has spent well over £600,000 on expensive lawyers and anti-expansion groups. That’s all money that could have been spent on crucial local services like social care, and children’s services in Hillingdon.”