Heathrow Judicial Review is important for the democratic process

Back Heathrow has welcomed the Judicial Review of the decision to proceed with a new runway at Heathrow, and which began in the High Court on March 11.

Back Heathrow Executive Director, Parmjit Dhanda said: “The review is part of the democratic process. It happens with most major schemes. However, the Independent Airports Commission that proposed Heathrow's new runway was also part of that democratic process. As was the detailed scrutiny in Parliament by a select committee, and the debate on the floor of the House that delivered a cross-party majority of nearly 300 in favour of this project. Hence we can be confident that this robust process will back expansion and deliver the investment local communities need.”

The third runway project was recommended by the Davies Commission in 2015 (a £17 million independent commission). It was subject to intense analysis and debate by the Transport Select Committee in 2018, and received the overwhelming support of MPs in a parliamentary vote in June 2018 (by 415 to 119, a majority 296). The majority of Labour and Conservative MPs backed the project.

The Heathrow North West runway plans also have the backing of the TUC and the CBI. The economic benefits include a £107 billion boost to the UK economy, 40,00 new local jobs in neighbouring boroughs (up to 180,000 nationally) and 10,000 apprenticeships.

Mr Dhanda added: "The Independent Commission stated that an expanded Heathrow can be delivered whilst reducing noise and meeting all air quality obligations. That really matters to local people, and the advances in aircraft technology, and investment in public transport will help deliver those commitments."