Ealing letter

Letter to your MP - Ealing Central and Acton

Dear Dr Huq

As your constituents we are writing to explain why we feel passionately that our area needs a bigger and better Heathrow. We call on you to secure the jobs we need by backing the Airports Commission’s recommendation that Heathrow should be expanded.

The case for a bigger and better Heathrow is clear. Heathrow is the UK’s only hub airport, connecting millions of passengers from across the country and enabling them to access long-haul flights to the rest of the world.

But our airport is nearly at full capacity and without expansion we risk falling behind our competitors in Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt. Nationally, this sends out the message that the UK is closed to new business. Locally, the long-term decline which would follow would be a disaster, not only for the thousands of local residents who currently rely on Heathrow for their jobs, but also for the next generation who hope to build their careers and lives around a thriving Heathrow.

Residents in the Ealing Central and Acton constituency benefit hugely from having the airport close by. Be it travelling for business, leisure or the thousands of local jobs that the airport creates, our community has a long and fruitful relationship with Heathrow and we hope it continues.

We understand that there are some who have legitimate concerns which is why we urge you to back an expanded Heathrow and hold the airport to account over its commitments to reducing noise through quieter aircraft, steeper approaches and improved public transport access.

We have a golden opportunity to secure local jobs and the future of a major economic asset on our doorstep. We simply must not squander it and we urge you to back a bigger and better Heathrow.

Best wishes,


We will send the letter, as well as supporters' contact details, to Dr Huq in case she would like to respond via private correspondence.