Campaigners fired up to say YES to Heathrow

Campaigners fired up to say YES to Heathrow

More than 300 Back Heathrow campaigners and their families came together for a summer BBQ in Hounslow last weekend. It was a great opportunity to thank some of our hard-working activists and meet a few new faces.

Anyone at the event would have been in no doubt about the strength of support amongst the attendees who came from across the local area. Residents from Ealing, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Slough, Spelthorne, and Richmond gathered in glorious sunshine.

Guests at the Back Heathrow event showed a real cross-section from across our local communities, with people from all walks of life and a range of backgrounds. The one thing that united everyone there was their hope for a secure future for their family, friends and neighbourhoods. Happily the event proved very popular, but the limited places meant that we couldn’t cater for many supporters who wanted to attend. However we will hold more campaign gatherings in the coming months.

Since its launch nearly two years ago Back Heathrow has sought to bring together and give a voice to those who support a bigger and better Heathrow. Our latest get-together was yet another vivid example about how far and wide our message has travelled.

Many of the hundreds present had volunteered in our office, opened envelopes, signed up their neighbours, written to MPs or sent their views to the Airports Commission.

Our campaign co-ordinator Rob Gray gave a short speech where he thanked everyone at the event for playing their part in the campaign, pointing out that 53,000 Back Heathrow supporters wrote to the Airports Commission calling for expansion at the UK’s hub airport. They made up a huge chunk of the 86% of respondents who backed Heathrow. Rob reminded those present that there is a long road ahead before a new runway can be built to bring jobs and prosperity to Heathrow’s local communities. But at least we now have more than 100,000 supporters to help us!

We never need reminding that a small, but vocal minority oppose expansion. As if on cue, a handful of protestors picketed the gate into the venue hoping to make their point. In total around 10 of them turned up in the sweltering heat, including paid spokespeople from protest groups. It was a real shame that they used negative tactics to try to disrupt a BBQ for local residents, but ever the compassionate campaigners, Back Heathrow took out some ice cream to help them cool down.

Local residents were not intimidated by the protest, and continued to enjoy the food, entertainment and the fabulous raffle, which included prizes generously donated by our friends and supporters.

To round off the afternoon, some of our attendees posed for the photograph you can see (above) which shows very clearly how we feel about what the Prime Minister should do next.

If you agree with our aim to make Heathrow bigger and better whilst helping local communities reap the benefits that expansion would bring, why not send your views to the Prime Minister and ask him to back expansion at Heathrow. Thousands of our supporters have already written to the Prime Minister, but we need your help too!

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