Back Heathrow expresses concern about local economy after CAA Ruling

Back Heathrow, the campaign group that represents over 100,000 residents that live close to the airport, has expressed concerns about today’s CAA decision on how much Heathrow can charge airlines.

The charge was set at £31.57 per passenger for 2023, which is paid by airlines to the airport. It will now fall to just £25.43 for 2024-2026.

Parmjit Dhanda, Executive Director of Back Heathrow said: “During Covid tens of thousands of people were furloughed in the boroughs around Heathrow, because when Heathrow struggles we all suffer. At a time when the airport has started creating jobs again and funding over £1m a year for local community projects, local boroughs need to see stability at our biggest provider of jobs and prosperity.”

Mr Dhanda added:

“Through Covid, we learnt the hard way that local councils and local people need a strong, vibrant Heathrow Airport, so we’re disappointed with the CAA’s decision and hope it's not too late for a rethink. Backward steps for Heathrow only lead to growth at international hub rivals, like Paris and Frankfurt – which is bad for local people and businesses.”

Notes to Editors

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