Back Heathrow celebrates airport’s rich multi-cultural heritage

Back Heathrow had the pleasure of visiting the Retired Members Association (Asian Elders) at the Heston & District Community Association in Hounslow on the 26th September. 


In attendance were nearly 40 members, many of whom undertook careers after coming to post-war Britain. The elders also took part in a Q&A session where noise, air quality and decarbonisation were all discussed.

Parmjit Dhanda, Executive Director of Back Heathrow said, “It was a pleasure to attend this meeting. As someone of Asian origin from West London myself, I know how big a role Heathrow has played in providing employment for people that have come here from around the globe. For many, it was the first bit of British soil they stepped foot on as young people. They stayed to work at the airport for decades to help make it the success it is today.

“Now, they want more growth and more quality jobs for their children’s and grandchildren’s generation.”

Mr Gurdas Sidhu (Vice President of the RMA) worked as a security guard at Heathrow from 1993 to 2003. He said, “We want a new runway built, so we can see a better-connected airport that will help the next generation enjoy the same job opportunities as we had.”

Mr Sehmi, (photograph attached) worked at Heathrow for nearly 20 years. He said, “Heathrow is so important for local families. I started working at Heathrow in 1965, first at British Eagle International, then at British European Airlines - which was a beautiful airline to work for because I was allowed to wear by turban! My grandson works at Heathrow now and I’m sure his children will want that opportunity too. 

 “We are the backbone of Heathrow’s success, and we are proud of that.”

 Back Heathrow represents over 100,000 people in local communities close to the airport.