“We can’t ignore Heathrow’s importance” say London Assembly election candidates

Over 60 Back Heathrow supporters turned out on Tuesday night to urge London Assembly and Parliamentary candidates from across the political spectrum, to support the introduction of sustainable aviation fuels, and work more closely with London’s biggest single site employer – Heathrow Airport.

The meeting was an opportunity for local residents to meet the London Assembly candidates for the South West GLA constituency (covering Hounslow, Richmond and Kingston) at the Gymkhana Club in Hounslow.

It was the second meeting in a week organised by Back Heathrow. The first one was on the 20th March for the Ealing & Hillingdon candidates.

Executive Director, Parmjit Dhanda chaired the meetings. He said: “Our meetings across West London, ahead of the London Assembly elections, have shown the widespread recognition from across the political spectrum that Heathrow is crucial for job creation and prosperity for all Londoners, and our country.”

He continued, “Heathrow pays over £120 million in business rates and delivered £116 billion worth of exports in 2022 alone, so we were pleased to hear the candidates championing it’s importance, supporting the sustainable aviation fuels agenda and backing the airport’s potential to kick-start private sector led growth.”


Local Hounslow resident, Hardial “Roy” Notay said, “As a West London resident for many years, it was fantastic to hear the strong support for Heathrow from my would-be local representatives - and for continuing the decarbonisation of aviation. I hope elected representatives, of all stripes, foster a great working relationship with Heathrow in the future. Thousands of jobs depend on it.”

The candidates in attendance were Steve Chilcott and Howard Cox of the Reform Party and Conservative parliamentary candidates for Brentford & Isleworth and Feltham & Heston - Laura Blumenthal and Dr Reva Gudi respectively.

Marcela Benedetti of the Labour Party and Cllr Ron Mushio of the Conservatives sent written statements in their absence. Liberal Democrat candidate Cllr Gareth Roberts from Richmond did not attend.

The event was held at the Indian Gymkhana Club in Osterley, on Tuesday 26th March.

Notes to editor:

  • This is the second meeting organised by Back Heathrow, the press release for the one for Ealing & Hillingdon residents is here
  • Heathrow is the largest business rates payer in the country totalling £120 million
  • £116.8 billion worth of exports passed through the airport in 2022
  • A UK SAF industry will contribute £3 billion extra for the economy, and 60,000 new jobs by 2050
  • Picture 1 – From left to right: 
    • John Braggins of Back Heathrow
    • Back Heathrow Supporter Hordial “Roy” Notay
    • Miles Bassett of Back Heathrow
    • Back Heathrow supporter Kantilal Makwa
  • In picture 2 - Executive Director Parmjit Dhanda with various candidates that attended.
    • From left to right: Feltham & Heston Conservative Parliamentary candidate Dr Reva Gudi
    • Reform Party London Mayoral Candidate Howard Cox
    • Reform Party South West London Assembly candidate Steve Chilcott
    • Brentford & Isleworth Conservative Parliamentary candidate Laura Blumenthal