“Time for Parties to Come Together in National Interest” says Back Heathrow

Back Heathrow supporters dressed as Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn on parliament square

The government and opposition parties should put party political squabbling to one side to help deliver the world’s biggest privately funded infrastructure project, says Back Heathrow.

Back Heathrow is a community group rooted in west London with over 100,000 supporters of a new runway at Heathrow Airport.

At an event in Parliament Square today, Back Heathrow campaign activists dressed as Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn congregated in front of giant poster of the House of Commons, replete with a runway bridging both sides of the political divide.

The event was attended by MPs from all sides of the House and by Back Heathrow’s Executive Director, Parmjit Dhanda.

Parmjit said: “This is a project that the Labour Party has backed under two Prime Ministers, now it has the support of a Conservative Prime Minister, the SNP, the DUP and over 100 Labour MPs.

So it is crucial that MPs are not whipped to vote against this as part of a political game. That kind of behaviour has held back the creation of 180,000 jobs and billions in economic benefits for decades. Its time for all parties to come together, cut out the squabbling and do what’s right for our country.”

MPs from across the political divide supported the event, asked why they support Heathrow expansion:

Steve Double, MP for St Austell and Newquay

It’s about what is right for our country in terms of growing our economy and international trade. Local businesses in the South West see the benefit of a direct link to Heathrow, both in being able to export as well as enabling us to bring tourists in with a direct link to and from Heathrow.”

Gavin Shuker MP for Luton South

It’s in the national interest to get Heathrow working, and working properly. I represent an airport constituency and in the South East the demand is massive. It’s the same for the whole country, so Parliament needs to get on and back Heathrow.”