Join our campaign: let's back Heathrow to grow!

Local people are supporting growth at Heathrow in their thousands. Already 100,000 people who live near the UK's only hub airport have signed up to Back Heathrow, one of the country's fastest-growing campaigns.

Back Heathrow wants to safeguard local jobs and secure a bright future for Heathrow, a major community asset. This means campaigning for the airport to grow, and standing against those who would let it suffer long-term decline or worse.

Independent polling shows most residents living near Heathrow SUPPORT expansion rather than oppose it - even the anti-expansion campaign leader acknowledges this to be true. Earlier in 2015, a major public consultation by the UK Airports Commission received 72,000 responses of which 82% backed Heathrow expansion.

Growth at Heathrow will bring massive economic and social benefits. Thousands of people living around the UK's only hub airport want the Government to deliver this golden opportunity for local communities and the UK.

Join them here.