Join our campaign: let's back Heathrow to grow!


The Government has given the green light to a new runway at Heathrow Airport! This is a significant win for thousands of residents living near Heathrow who have waited a long time for this day. Thank you to the 100,000+ people who have signed up to our campaign - so far.

Building a new runway at Heathrow has plenty of cross-party support in Parliament and backing from the majority of international airlines, business groups, trade unions, exporters and communities surrounding the airport. This is a golden opportunity for the UK that must not be squandered.

Independent polling shows most residents living near Heathrow SUPPORT expansion rather than oppose it - even the anti-expansion campaign leader acknowledges this to be true. In 2015, a major public consultation by the UK Airports Commission received 72,000 responses of which 82% backed Heathrow expansion.

Back Heathrow wants to safeguard local jobs and secure a bright future for Heathrow, a major community asset. The Government's announcement is a major first step in a process that will take several years... the next stage of our campaign now begins.

So please join us - click here.