Labour Party produce leaflet with sexist and racist undertones in Spelthorne

Back Heathrow has called on politicians in Spelthorne Borough to tone down emotive rhetoric used by local opponents of Heathrow expansion.

A local Labour leaflet caused anger amongst Spelthorne residents this week when it stated:

“Is Heathrow expansion a price worth paying? The airport enlargement would require an extra 10,000 building workers mainly single men from abroad, as we don't have that number of spare workers. Hostel accommodation would also be needed in an already over populated area for about six years. This will put an extra strain on all other services.”

Parmjit Dhanda, Director of the Back Heathrow campaign said: “We know this leaflet has caused distress to local people, who have sent it to us in disgust. It has both sexist and racist undertones. We should be proud of the diverse workforce at Heathrow airport. It’s a sign of desperation from people opposing expansion when they use emotive language from another era to warn about single men coming from abroad to work here. They are out of date, out of touch and plain wrong. Spelthorne has elections coming up in May and we will be watching the language used by campaigners and parties very closely."

Heathrow expansion will create 40,000 new jobs for residents in local boroughs around Heathrow and 10,000 apprenticeships. 180,000 jobs will be created nationally, and the construction will include new jobs across the regions of England to help build this crucial piece of national infrastructure.

Parmjit Dhanda was interviewed on the Phil Williams show on Radio Five Live on March 19. Listen to the clip from 58 minutes into the programme.

Spelthorne Labour Party can be contacted on 07966 525144.