Backing growth, but not at any cost

No-one likes excessive noise and we at Back Heathrow are no different! We will be pushing the airport owners to do all they can to minimise disturbance for local residents.

Back Heathrow supports expansion at the airport but not at any price. We believe that residents should enjoy more peaceful nights. We believe that every community under a flight path should have periods of respite from noise without any aircraft flying overhead.

Expansion can bring problems, including noise, so Back Heathrow is campaigning to ensure the airport finds ways to grow in a way that is acceptable to a majority of local residents. We believe this can be done through a number of ways.

Quieter aircraft

In the early days of Heathrow, aircraft were noisy - really noisy. Anyone who has ever been close to a Boeing 707 or a VC10 will know how noisy it used to be. As these aircraft have been replaced by Boeing 767s and 747s Heathrow has got considerably quieter; in turn as these aircraft are replaced, Heathrow will become quieter still.

The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner is 60% quieter than the 767, whilst the A380 is 50% quieter than the 747s which many airlines are using to replace them. Heathrow Airport charges airlines less to land quieter aircraft, and publishes regular league tables to name and shame noisy airlines. Indeed, aircraft have become 75% quieter over the past 50 years but of course we all await the advent of the silent plane.

Better operating procedures

The way that aircraft pass over west London isn’t necessarily the only way; there are a number of measures that could be taken to reduce noise. Heathrow is investigating the possibility of increasing the angle of descent from 3 degrees (standard across the world) to 3.25 degrees, meaning higher aircraft over central London. The airport is also looking at ways of standardising certain procedures such as the lowering of landing gear (which increases noise).

World class noise mitigation

We will be pushing the airport and backers of expansion to ensure that residents who are affected by noise should have world class schemes of compensation and mitigation to ensure that noise is kept to a minimum in their homes.

Reducing pollution

Did you know that the majority of pollution comes from road transport and not aircraft? The key to cutting emissions in the Heathrow area is to reduce the traffic using the airport. With this in mind, Heathrow is encouraging more passengers to use public transport. By 2030, Heathrow will be served by Crossrail and rail services from the west of England, alongside Heathrow Express and the Piccadilly line.

We will be pressing Heathrow to continue to reduce emissions from all traffic, both aircraft and road transport to provide a sustainable future for both airport and local communities