5 reasons why you should Back Heathrow

1. Heathrow employs more than 114,000 people locally

Over 76,000 people are directly employed on site at Heathrow and a total of 114,000 people in the communities surrounding the airport rely on it for their livelihoods. In addition, nearly 270,000 people in the wider region have jobs that rely on Heathrow.


2. Heathrow is the UK’s only hub airport

As the UK’s only hub airport, Heathrow is responsible for 78% of all UK long-haul flights. Heathrow connects the UK’s regions with developing markets, boosting business and benefiting every corner of Britain, including in west London and the Thames Valley. Heathrow generates thousands of jobs across the country. If Heathrow doesn’t expand, it will become a small feeder airport for an overseas hub, such as Frankfurt, with thousands of jobs going over time.


3. Backing responsible growth

Back Heathrow advocates a bigger and better Heathrow; that means adhering to strict environmental restrictions, such as reducing the number of people travelling to the airport by car by improving public transport to the airport, encouraging airlines to only use the quietest aircraft, steeper approaches and better operating procedures, and protecting those residents most affected by noise.


4. 202 of the UK's top 300 companies have HQs within 25 miles of Heathrow

They are there because of Heathrow, making use of the direct connections that only the UK's hub airport gives to the rest of the world and the markets with which they do business.


5. Hundreds of other local businesses thrive thanks to Heathrow

Many hundreds of other businesses also thrive near Heathrow, servicing these top 202 companies or benefiting from the 72 million passengers flowing through the airport area each year. Together it is clear that many thousands of livelihoods are dependent on Heathrow growing and flourishing alongside local communities.

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